Newton Cultural Center – 5 Maintenance tips to keep your Lawn Mower active

Your lawn mower can last for a online investments long period of time if you take care of it and maintain it properly. If you neglect the care, then there is no way you can stop your electric lawn mower from breaking down in just a couple of months or years. Proper maintenance and care can go a long way in prolonging your mower’s life. So, we have listed down a few maintenance tips that can help you in keeping your mower active for a longer time.

Fuel it correctly

A lot of people don’t pay attention to the gasoline that they are using for their riding lawn mower which can result in a breakdown of the carburetor. It is important that you put in a gasoline as fuel to your mower which contains not more than 10 percent of ethanol and always use a fuel stabilizer to avoid water and gasoline from getting separated when the mower isn’t being used.

The right quality of gasoline used can go a long way in keeping your mower healthy and active and can save you a lot of pain and money in the long run.

Store it safely

Another important tip for keeping your online investments mower healthy is to make sure that you always store it properly in a dry and clean area. Avoid leaving your mower out in the night as this can lead to rusting and corrosion and can seriously reduce your mower’s life. Make sure that you always clean the excess water from your mower and store it in a dry garage or storage room. This will definitely help in preserving your mower and extending its life by a few years.

Keep Your Lawn Mower 1

Keep an eye on the tire

One of the most important things to check is the tire pressure of your mower. A lot of times when the mower isn’t cutting grass properly, it is because the tire pressure is low which results in lower of the mower deck and uneven cutting level. So, always make sure that your mower’s tire pressure is correct if you want to preserve the equipment and its parts.

Keep the mower deck clean

Make sure that you remove the online investments grass cuttings and mulch from beneath the deck if you don’t want your mower to rust. If you don’t clean this regularly, it will gradually harden and then you would need to use a chisel to remove all the accumulated gunk. So, make sure that you clean your mower deck regularly and dry it to avoid any kind of rusting or corrosion later on.

Perform basic maintenance activities

Make sure that you read your mower’s company manual on maintenance and perform all the basic maintenance tasks regularly to keep your mower in a good condition. Grease your mower’s parts frequently to avoid the parts rubbing together and keep your mower clean at all times. Make sure you get it serviced periodically and store it in a safe and careful place. If you just follow these simple tips, you can easily keep your mower healthy for a longer time.

Keep Your Lawn Mower 2

PlaySPACE – Newtonculturalcenter

For Children 7 and under with a caregiver
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 2:30 – 5:00 pm
October 23, 2012 – April 11, 2012

  • Art projects with Kim Jaques, Arts in the Parks teacher (T, W, TH).
  • Play time in gym with riding toys, trucks, balls and space for running, jumping and climbing.
  • Meet neighbors and friends.

Season-long memberships
(unlimited visits per family):

Newton Resident: $95
Non-Newton Resident: $125
Drop-in Fees:
Newton Resident $10
Non-Resident $12

Time for Partners – Newton Cultural

For Children 18 months – 4 years old accompanied by an adult

New Summer Location:
Franklin Elementary School
125 Derby Street, Newton

Learning is FUN with music and creative movement, art, letters and numbers. An opportunity to meet new friends while building self-confidence and sharing successes. Musicclasses develop physical, verbal, memory and musical skills. Art classes widen a child’s curiosity and imagination and build motor skills.

  • Experienced Teachers
  • Art & Music every day
  • Enriching, relaxed environment

Summer Semester: July 1 – August 8
Mondays – Fridays, 9:30 – 11:15 am

Fee for Summer Semester
Newton Resident: $130
Non-Resident: $150

No Classes

Fall: Oct 14 Columbus Day, Nov 11 Veterans’ Day, Nov 28 Thanksgiving

Giant Chess Set at NewtonculturalCenter

An Appreciation of Harvey Towvim for his Gift of the Giant Chess Set on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of theNewton Cultural Center

We express our appreciation to Mr. Harvey Towvim, a man determined to encourage chess playing, by building a Giant Chess Set and then donating it to The Newton Cultural Center.

Harvey Towvim had a dream of building a giant chess set that would encourage people to learn a game that he loved. He heard from Newton resident and chess coach Larry Eldridge, that the Mayor’s Office for Cultural Affairs was looking for a giant chess set to use at public festivals and events and which would also be available at the Newton Cultural Center.

When, at Larry’s suggestion, Harvey visited the Mayor’s Office for Cultural Affairs at the Newton Cultural Center to discuss how he could get someone to complete a project which had been stalled for 14 years, it became clear that such a project might interest Richard Dean, Business Manager of Local 275 of the New England Regional Council of Carpenters, as part of the 2009 NewtonSERVES, a day of community service.

When presented with the idea, Richard Dean immediately saw the value of working on the chess set as part of NewtonSERVES and also as a teaching tool at the Carpenter’s Council and so he accepted the challenge.

“Those pieces started over 14 years ago in Acton, stayed in storage in Acton, when the Cub Scout troop that started them was unable to finish them. From there, they ended up in our West Roxbury basement until April 24, 2009,” said Towvim.

According to Towvim: “As excited as we are to see this idea of a NEWTON GIANT CHESS SET grow, it pales when compared to the delight that my wife Naomi experienced on Friday, April 24, 2009, when I returned from delivering some half-done pieces, and the battered cardboard templates for the pieces to Richard Dean.”

“I have been talking about having the set completed for a long time. However, as Benjamin Franklin said: “Well done is better than well said.” Richard Dean deserves that “well done” credit in big, bold type.” His approach to the project was so thorough and committed that his “crew of merry carpenters at the Carpenters Union New England Regional Training Center made an entirely new set of plywood templates that they used to create the set you will be receiving,” continues Towvim.

Towvim encourages Newton to enjoy the set in the merry spirit of fun with which carpenters created them. The Newton Cultural Center accepts this 5th anniversary present with the promise to use it to help promote the great game of chess!